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Young Peoples Pavilion: Moon Shadow By Erin Downing

Pocatello teachers and parents, here is some recommended reading for back-to-school season, appropriate for ages: 8 – 12.

“By now, your child is reading independently, both for school and for recreation,” writes in “Choosing Books for a Middle Schooler.”

The article continues: “He’s probably got a favorite genre and a few favorite authors. While encouraging your child to continue reading what he likes, it’s a good idea to look for new books that will excite him, expand his horizons, and improve his vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.”

Moon Shadow By Erin Downing can help attain these outcomes. Moon Shadow

Thirteen-year-old Lucia Frank discovers that she can become the girl she’s always wanted to be with the help of a little “moon magic” in this charming novel about the value of friendship, family, and finding yourself.

Lucia Frank has never had time for her mom’s “new age” nonsense. She doesn’t believe in any of that stuff. All she wants is to figure out how to get her best friend, Will, back and cope with her parents looming divorce. But then something strange happens on the night of her thirteenth birthday.

When the eclipsed moon slips into the shadow of the earth, Lucia’s Shadow slips out. Now hidden in a moonstone, the Shadow waits for Lucia to sleep so it can come out to play…

An amazon reviewer wrote:

Great book for middle school kids and even older! I read most of the books my kids read and it is great to finally find one that is truly age appropriate, demonstrates what friendship really is, has a bit of magic and mystery, and is relatable on so many levels. The navigation of family, friends, school, and mostly self that Lucia, the main character, is managing is something we have all gone through and those themes make the book great for discussion. In fact, it would be a great book for a class to read and discuss!

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