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“Get Out” plays Saturday at ISU

“Get Out” is the feature at ISU’s Bengal Theater this Saturday, June 3, at 3:30, 5:45 and 8:00 p.m. in the Pond Student Union. In this highly acclaimed piece of social satire, a young African-American man visits his girlfriend’s mysterious family estate, only to find that not all is what it seems to be. Yes, it’s a mystery, with some comedy, and a suspense filled movie, but it’s also one of the highest rated movies of the year so far.  What it does is press uncomfortabilities about race, stereotypes, and preconceptions into a tightly confined room to analyze them through the lens of the modern black man and, for that matter, anyone who’s ever had to take the dreaded visit to their significant other’s family for the first time. New York Magazine writes, “It’s the satirical movie we’ve been waiting for, a mash-up of ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?’ and ‘The Stepford Wives’ that’s more fun than either and more illuminating, too.”  Admission is $3 for the public, $2 for ISU staff, or free for ISU students with Bengal ID. For trailer and more information, go to